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Welcome to Camp Gone to the Dogs® your dream vacation with your dog.  Picture yourself and your dog enjoying the great outdoors as you play on lush green fields, with vistas of distant mountains on the horizon. Our Camps take place in Stowe, Vermont and Front Royal, VA where you and your dog will enjoy their natural beauty and splendor.

Camp Gone to the Dogs® is the original Dog Camp, celebrating 30 years!  Our camps are a celebration of dogs and all the ways they bring joy into our lives.  We offer a wide range of sessions, seminars and more at each Camp so that you can explore and experience new activities with your dog.  Our Staff are talented, World Class Instructors who help you discover new ways of bringing out the best in your dog by using positive methods.  You may find your dog has talents you’ve never dreamed of. Our Camp community is a wonderful place to meet other dog lovers and make new friends who love spending time with their dogs.

We take pride in the delicious, freshly-prepared food at all our Camps, with all-you-can-eat choices for everyone, including vegetarians. Ask anyone who’s been to camp about the food and you’ll get rave reviews.

Veterinarians are available nearby at all Camps, day or night.

Where do the dogs sleep?… With you, of course!

Register now for 2021 Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions!  

All Photographs © Steve Surfman Photography